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Turning japanes
the idea of tying up a female, tease and play with her helplesly blindfolded and gagged with those Japanese Tenugi-cloths.

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01:00AM Rooftop downtown:
a rough thug and hiss companion was escaping after a heist, stopping to check if they were followed.
-So dis´s what da boss wanted? some jar´o oil or sumthin? How come it sess fail on it?
the thinner thug with a rat-like face, peered out over the rooftops.
-I dunno eh, but we´re not sappos kno, we just do dis for tha boss, right?

a swooping sound startled them both, as a red&blue figure appeared in front of them.

-Didn't your parents teach you not to take other kids toys?


-No? no backtalk? man, today's thugs are boring... fine.
Said the spider as he dodged the shots.

in the mids of the fight, the briefcase holding the container got flung over the ledge, hitting a balcony on the way down. briefcase breaks open and the container falls to the alleyway below.

down below:

A young girl was leaning against a wall in an alley, looking at her phone´s cracked screen.
the flickering screen showed a text-message:
*its not working out, we cant afford the apartment, we got evicted today, you know? no food... we fight every day, you are sloppy when we try stealing. i´m gonna ask my grandparents if they can forgive me, if i can live with them for a while... and we both know how they feel about you. i really hope you can turn your life around, i really do. just not together.
She did not cry, she just stared blankly at the screen, tracing the crack with her finger.
she sighed loudly and got up.
-It´s ok, no problem, just a bump in the road... who needs him anyway... he was the one dragging me along for hiss bad choices, not me.... fuck...

Looking at her reflection in a puddle, she smiled, a fake smile, but it cheered her up a little, she laughed, a fake laugh, but it worked some too.
-Jenny, The beautiful young lonewolf, surviving on her own in the hard concrete-jungle...
striking a hero-pose.
-YEAH, that sounded cool. comicbook-material, definitely.
she was distracted by the sound of her grumbling belly.
-hah, HEY, tryin to look cool here.
poking at her belly like it was a naughty pet.
-Right, some food... but i need some money for that.
She was startled by a sudden loud crash and the sound of glass breaking above.
ducking for cover, but no glass-shards came down. Hoping the coast was clear, she peered up.

A droplet of a black thick liquid hit her forehead.
-Ew... just great. what was that crash up there?
Wiping the black liquid off, she felt more drops hitting her brown leather-jacket and her short blond hair.
-I hope i can wash it out... what the?
a tingling sensation was spreading from her hand. looking down on her hand she had used to wipe the smudge off. the black patch was expanding over her fingers. a cold panic rose in her chest. screaming out loud in fear as she Suddenly became aware of the small black spots on her jacket now themselves expanding, seeming to eat away at the leather-jacket.
something wet moving over her scalp.

Struggling to get the jacket off and move away from under the dripping. the mass of black on her fingers had stopped spreading, but still sent electric shivers upp her arm. scared and panicking, trying to scrape off the black mass from her hand on the ground.
An elerctic jolt hit her brain through the ears as the liquid in her hair moved down.
going limp falling over, vision blurring, she could make out more of the liquid dripping down in long streaks. forming a puddle down below, out of view from her.

Near fainting, in the haze she felt her feet being enveloped, her sneakers melting away. moving upwards, Melting away her pants

[Initalizing - Link established - assessing host status: Malnourished, unable to collect further data - error - will try to communicate with host - Initzalinging ]
the digital male voice sounded far away, coming closer.
-bu...whuuu? who?
Jenny felt the blur subsiding. suddenly involuntarily rising up.
[Hello Host]

scared, Jumping at the sudden voice coming from behind her.
-OH god, oh god, I am officially losing my mind.
panicking pacing around in the alley.
-OH GOD i have to pee, this is too much.
Looking down on her self. all covered in black.
something changed, as a phalus-like thing grew out.
She poked it, Suddenly startled by the touch.
-I...felt that...WHAT?
A sudden jolt went through her neck down her spine.
She involuntarily let go and relieved herself.
BUT OMFG i finaly can afford a made2measure-catsuit, but no ordinary catsuit, no.
im so happy, saving up for it for months, still need to save up for the next part. not sure i want to say anymore, it will take about 8+ weeks to finnish.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
hobby-artist interested in oldschool and newmedia, from the east to the west, i create when i feel like it, both in traditional and newmedia, i find inspiration in many things. latex-fetishist playing photo-model at home, would love to design latexclothing either for myself or a prof. photo-model. this is a branch-acc, another persona, its not like im hiding my interest in latex, just need to have a place to be open with it.

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